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ARC Microturbine Powered 8kwh Electric Generator


ARC is the world’s smallest and lightest 8kW Microturbine Generator that will revolutionize how we utilize electrical power, it is about the same size as a toolbox. The generator is a fully plug-and-play unit and measures about 17cm X 27cm X 52cm and weighs just under 9kg.

source/image(PrtSC): FusionFlight

The “block-like” form-factor of the ARC allows to hook multiple units in parallel to provide more power. The dual exhaust system and front inlet may be easily customized per client request. The generator produces max power of 7.4kW.

The microturbine at the heart of the ARC consumes variety of heavy-fuel (Diesel, Kerosene, Jet-A) and the power supply has fully adjustable voltage output. Customers requiring AC output will need to purchase an additional inverter.


ARC turbine generator is easily stackable, so you can run them in parallel if more power is needed.With the addition of a small fuel tank, the ARC genset can replace heavy lithium-based battery packs./FusionFlight