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ARCHAX Giant Human-Piloted Robot


Tokyo-based startup Tsubame Industries has unveiled its massive human-piloted robot. The four-wheeled robot named ARCHAX.Towering 4.5 meters tall, the robot weighs 3.5 metric tons. The pilot can freely operate the robot’s arms and hands.

source.image: tsubame

The robot has wheels on its four legs and the front and back wheels can be moved apart to lower the robot’s height.The basic structure, constructed from steel and an aluminum alloy, incorporates technology used in the design of construction industry machinery.

Two joysticks control ARCHAX’s arms and hands, which have articulating fingers.Nine cameras attached to ARCHAX’s exterior transmit live images to cockpit monitors, allowing the pilot to navigate.


With technology continuously advancing, innovative robotic creations like the Archax provide an exciting glimpse into the future of automation and technology.

Archax can travel at 10 kilometers per hour in vehicle mode, a little slower than the typical speed of a bicycle.Tsubame Industries is aiming to produce a next-generation version for entertainment in 2025 and a prototype for use in space in 2028.


  • Total height:4.5m
  • weight:3.5t
  • mode deformation:Robot mode/vehicle mode
  • maximum speed:10km/h (in vehicle mode)
  • Running:Front wheel steering/rear wheel drive
  • power:Battery powered (DC300V)
  • Joint degree of freedom:26 locations
  • Operation method:Boarding operation/remote control
  • operation device:Joystick x 2 / Pedal x 2 / Touch panel
  • display system:Display x 4 / Camera x 9 (switchable display)
  • flame:Iron (SS400 series) / Aluminum alloy
  • exterior:FRP / 3D Printer (ASA)