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The World’s Thinnest Folding Table & Chair System

Snap Jack is a table and chair system designed specifically to help you keep control of your space. Snap Jack is a world class product in itself but, its fundamental purpose is about giving you back space, not about the table and chair themselves.

image credit: livingwithjack

The Snap Jack can help you get the lifestyle that you want, using the space that you already have.This project is a rare collaboration of furniture making, mechanical engineering and art.Not only is this product highly practical but it is a stunning piece of artwork in itself – not to mention a great conversation piece.

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The Snap Jack system consists of folding chairs and a table all housed beautifully within a wall-mounted frame. All fixings align automatically and snap together magnetically – hassle free! The system is designed to be modular; each part of the system can be bought separately, and assembled according to your needs.


The chair and table frames are designed to layer over one another so that you can choose how you want to configure it. Snap Jack tables are integrated as part of the Snap Jack system.They automatically align and attach to the Snap Jack frame magnetically. This makes it simple and quick to get them up out of the way. The total depth of the table mounted on the wall is just 2.7cm (1.06”)!!