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Artisan Crafts Beautiful Tiny House from Salvaged Trailer

Travis Build his own Tiny House on Wheels, he started with a water damaged trailer and proceeded to build a how without any plans. A delightful tiny house anyone would be proud to call home.Enter this exquisitely hand crafted home that is full of secrets.

image credit: pairoducks

The home started as an old travel trailer and today it features beautiful hand-forged hinges, a monkey-bar ladder to get down from the loft bedroom, and a gravity-fed water system for washing dishes.

image credit: Dylan Magaster 

He never had a floor plan in mind, and created the home as he built. Learn why, although it takes hard work – you can tap into your creative powers, too.


Metal roofing was difficult to install. Once again the hips proved to be challenging because we had to cut all the metal roofing with a skill saw (backwards blade), to make the triangles in the front of the house.

The metal also has furring strips underneath of it to allow ventilation for condensation on the metal. With 4″ of foam, then 1×2 furring strips and finally roofing metal you start to forget where the plywood is, not to mention the rafters.