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Ascend Thailand’s Temple of the Rising Dragon

In the Samphran district of Thailand sits one of the country’s most spectacular Buddhist temples. Wat Samphran is a towering pink masterpiece scaling in at 80 meters high — an homage to the number of years Buddha lived.

image/text credit: Great Big Story 

Known for the hollow dragon’s head that encircles the temple, visitors are welcome to ascend the 17-story superstructure to touch the dragon’s beard, or climb inside the belly of the beast.

The temple is notable for its 17-story tall pink cylindrical building with a gigantic dragon sculpture curling around the entire height. The interior of the dragon sculpture contains a staircase, which has however deteriorated to a poor condition in places.


It also contains a huge buddha statue as well as many additional buddhist statues.The Wat Samphran Temple is rarely featured in guidebooks and is considerably removed from the typical tourist track. The dragon itself is reportedly hollow, and visitors are able to walk some sections of it, though other parts of the temple remain closed to the public.