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Atmospheric Electricity Powering a Corona Motor/Electrostatic Motor


Here’s how I ran my corona motor, a type of electrostatic motor, using electricity generated from atmospheric electricity. The corona motor sat near the ground with one end of a long wire connected to it.The other end of the wire was lifted around 120 meters/390 feet up in the air using a hexcopter.(read more: rimstar)

source/image: rimstar

The result was that the corona motor’s cylinder rotated from the high voltage and the electrical current from the wire.In fair weather there is a voltage between the ground and around 50 kilometers/31 miles up of around 400,000 volts according to noble prize winning physicist Richard Feynman’s Lecture on Physics, volume 2, section 9../RimstarOrg

The rate of change as you go up isn’t uniform but down here near the ground the voltage increases by around 100 volt/meter for every meter you go up or 30 volts/foot for every foot you go up.


At the 390 feet/120 meters we’d lifted our wire that works out to roughly 12,000 volts.People, trees, buildings and so on are usually electrically conductive enough to be at ground potential too, so the equipotential lines curve around them. This means that to get power from atmospheric electricity like this you need to do it in an open field.