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Attack Leaves Baby Elephant Struggling To Survive

Kakaro Survived, and now he needs your help to recover.Less than a year old, Kakaro was found wandering alone and in need of supportive care.

image/text credit: IFAW

Luckily, immediate help was provided from two scouts who’d been trained last year by EOP staff on how to bottle feed drinking water and electrolytes. Kakaro was taken to the Nursery where more sophisticated medical care could be provided to him.

Poor Kakaro dealt with digestive issues and bloat at the Nursery. To add to his misery, a portion of his tail was missing – probably bitten off by a crocodile – and surgery had to be performed to remove more of the appendage.


Sincere and grateful thanks go to the dedicated staff of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife who worked tirelessly to secure and transport the orphans once spotted.