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Auto-Sleepers Nuevo ES EK LT £71,500 Motorhome


The most compact of motorhomes at 5.75m, which belies the space available inside this iconic model. The ES now boasts its best ever specification and with the inclusion of a space saving and economical LPG gas tank our designers have massively increased internal and external storage space to boot. Quite simply the best just got even better.

source/image(PrtSc): MOTAHOLIC

A compact highly spec’d vehicle offering all the creature comforts of home while you are away. That overcab section might look bulky, but it performs its function of offering an instant double bed,downstairs, it’s a conventional enough floorplan in the Nuevo EK ES LT, with all the seating towards the front.Watch the video from MOTAHOLIC for more info:

Easy-to-swivel cab seats contribute to what is a surprisingly decent lounge area.the kitchen is across the back and, again, it’s extensively equipped. There’s a full Thetford cooker plus extractor unit, with sink to its right.


Auto-Sleeper Peugeot coachbuilts are built on a lightweight 3500kg chassis, so they can be driven on a standard driving license.Drive with confidence the 2020 Auto-Sleepers range features powerful 165bhp engines as standard.Optional Fiat Ducato 140bhp or 180bhp Automatic gearbox available on all Auto-Sleeper 2023 Peugeot Coachbuilt models.