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Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser – This Machine Wraps Your Shoes



Automatic shoe cover dispensers are a time-saving and hassle-free way of covering the shoes of workers and guests to your business without forcing them to bend over and put the shoe covers on manually.

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The way it works, when you have your shoes on, we need to do is to step in and out of the automatic shoe cover dispenser and a disposable shoe cover will be automatically mounted on your shoe-all of it done hands-free.

This Intelligent automatic shoe cover dispenser can solve the problem of changing shoes or wearing shoe cover by hand when people enter into clean area.People just need to put their foot into the dispenser and a PVC film shoe cover will wrap shoes automatically.


It only takes about 3 seconds. People no need to bend down anymore. no need to wash hands.When you step inside the center of the box, it automatically releases a bootie around your shoe.No bending down! A safe way for visitors to cover their shoes without struggle.