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AUTOMATICA – Robots Vs. Music By Nigel Stanford

Nigel Stanford, is a talented ambient musician from New Zealand who previously made cool science experiments to visually narrate his “Cymatics” video clip,he managed to programme a number robot arms to “play” the instruments for the smashing music video for “Automatica”.

image credit: Nigel John Stanford

Automatica is the title-track from Nigel Stanford‘s forthcoming debut album. “Automatica – Robots vs. Music” is a follow up to 2015’s viral video, “Cymatics – Science vs. Music” which visualized a brand-new synthesis of music, art and physics.

Stanford’s latest brainchild raises the question, just how close are we to fully AI robots performing instruments and blending in with normal, every-day human activity?


Nigel Sanford was born in Nez Zealand,he began to learn music instruments especially piano as a child,guitar at 14,commenced playing in bands,later he got into the electronic music.He was always interested in relationship between music and science – “I’m the kind of guy who goes to a concert and watches the drummer”.