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Watch Volvo’s Self-Driving Garbage Truck In Action

Volvo Group, together with Swedish waste and recycling specialists Renova, is testing a pioneering autonomous refuse truck that has the potential to be used across the urban environment. The project explores how automation can contribute to enhanced traffic safety, improved working conditions and lower environmental impact.

(photo courtesy Volvo Group)

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The self-driving truck backs down streets in reverse and periodically stops so a garbage man can load it with trash. Volvo will begin tests on a closed course next month, and will shift to public streets in late autumn.

With the new truck, the garbage man won’t have to be constantly jumping in and out of the driver’s seat to empty trash bins. Instead, he’ll stay near the rear of the vehicle and walk down the street ahead of the truck’s path as it backs up..


According to Volvo, a route is pre-programmed and the truck drives itself from one stop to the next. The driver, who walks ahead of the reversing vehicle, can focus on collection duties rather than climbing into and out of the vehicle, creating a safer work environment.