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Autonomus Bathroom Cleaning Robot SOMATIC


SOMATIC is a robotic cleaning service for commercial buildings. SOMATIC offers an autonomous bathroom cleaning robot service. The robot uses a no-touch, 3 step system, to clean all bathroom surfaces with a high degree of efficiency.

source/image(PrtSc): getSOMATIC

Somatic is a startup that’s been accepted by the most prestigious startup incubator in the world, Y Combinator.The robot can get around eight hours of cleaning in a day and can also open doors and take a ride on the elevator.

The Somatic robot is a kind of box with four wheels from which comes a robotic arm in charge of vacuuming and cleaning the floor. Higher quality cleaning.Lower staff turnover.50% cost savings.


It also has other smaller dispensers to pour water under pressure, detergents, and other substances on the surfaces to be cleaned. It operates completely autonomously once it has learned the bathroom in which it must clean./techeens