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Avadi Single Piston Engine MA-250 Animation


The Avadi MA-250 engine is a new kind of engine. It is the first of it’s kind to utilize a rotating piston and cylinder, which enable it to produce an unusual and exceptional power to weight ratio. It is a four stroke engine, and produces 15.5 HP, 22 ft. lbs torque, at 26 lbs dry.

source.image: Avadi Engines Inc

The patented 4-stroke, Avadi MA-250 gas engine has application potential in virtually any industry that uses combustion engines today. From cars, motorcycles, and aviation to lawn-care equipment and power generators.The single Avadi piston uses a pair of connecting rods rather than just one. As piston motion occurs, the two rods move in a scissor-like fashion.

Each rod is independently connected to a pinion gear at the bottom-end and those two gears rotate on a fixed ring gear attached to the crank case. The “fixed” ring-gear essentially is the only primary mechanical component that does not rotate. The piston, the cylinder, the connecting rods—and essentially all of the internal parts… with the exception of that fixed ring gear—rotate.


Those two connecting rods and their corresponding pinion gears reside in what we call a “halfshaft.”While the half-shaft can be likened to the heart of the Avadi design, it is essentially the housing where up-and-down piston motion is translated to rotational motion. It is fixed to the output shaft that extends from the back of the engine and is connected to the final drive component being powered..read more: avadiengines