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Avionics V1 – Powerful Retro Style Electric Bike

An openwork frame holds the wooden saddle that hangs on a shock absorber. This exceptional construction identifies AVIONICS. The leaf spring with its upper pipes of frame suggests the wing section. The wing ends with the saddle springs. Just behind the saddle is a perfectly adjusted back lamp.

source/image: avionics

The front lamp, just like the other wooden components, is made from the wood of the exotic tree, Jatoba. This is extremely hard and difficult to process, being a precious wood that is as strong as steel. Oiling and time develop its exceptional character. The color is deeper and the grains are more visible.

source/image: avionics

The soul of AVIONICS is a lamp and its name. Every single bike has a name with a dedicated, unrepeatable lamp. The golden, warm light she emits makes night riding enjoyable and safe.The true heart of AVIONICS is a main wooden chest. This is a powerful monolith with no fastenings or screws.

source/image: avionics

This aesthetic form is enclosed by leather bumper belts. The waterproof and dust-resistant chest protects the electronics and the battery inside. It is armed with an immobilizer, charging port, and USB port for programming AVIONICS and charging other electronic devices.


The V1 has a massive 5000W electric motor, said to be capable of an incredible 125 Nm (92 ft-lb) of torque and a top speed of 58 kph.

The motor is powered by a 24Ah lithium-ion battery pack, which is said to be capable of delivering a riding range of up to 120 km (~74.5 miles), with a recharge time of 2-3 hours, and the potential for partial recharging through a regenerative braking feature.