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Baby Elephant Calf Chasing Birds Will Give You So Much Joy

It can be both enjoyable and gut-wrenching, watching your children while they play. One minute they’re fine, having the time of their life, the next minute they take a tumble and their world turns sour! One mother elephant at the Borås Zoo, in southern Sweden found this out first-hand when she was watching her calf have some fun.

The baby elephant entertains himself by chasing around two flocks of guinea fowl.And the entire scene, so sweet it’ll leave you with a toothache, was caught on video. At first, the birds seem too swift for the calf, but he nevertheless persists in his endeavors.

Nonetheless the eager elephant persists, chasing the birds around and around and around.At one moment he stumbles, clearly dizzy from having rampaged around in circles for a while.However he continues his futile chase before eventually tumbling over.


The young animal recovers quickly. He is, it seems, not the kind of “kid” to milk his tumbles for all they’re worth. He does, however, retreat under his mother’s trunk.Don’t be afraid to go out and play again, little guy!