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Baltimore Demolition Crew Knocks Down The Wrong Home

A demolition crew accidentally knocked down a property that had been bought out for redevelopment.The crew, using an excavator, starts to tear down a building unbeknownst to them they were causing serious damage on the house next door.

image credit: Gary Trakhman

The video, less than two minutes long, shows an excavator pulling down a building. Only seconds later, the building next to it can be seen crumbling to the ground in a pile of dust and debris.

The footage was captured by onlookers, who can be heard sounding surprised. “That wasn’t the plan,” you can hear someone saying. “Oh no,” says another.


City officials said they are currently investigating the debacle and a spokeswoman confirmed that attached buildings are ‘routinely demolished without incident’.However, the two owners say that both sides of the property were being redeveloped.