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Beautiful House Truck Renovation And Homestead


Dive into the world of original New Zealand house trucks with Lucy and James! Their home, a beautiful piece of history, showcases their love for creativity and practical living. Join them on a tour of their house truck, where every corner tells a story.Explore their kitchen, ingeniously crafted from pallet wood and recycled materials. See how they’ve cleverly utilized space, keeping much of the original structure while adding their own touch.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Admire their blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, where every item has a purpose and beauty.Witness the heart of their living space, featuring a custom-made fireplace from a gas bottle. Understand how they’ve made their compact living area both comfortable and functional, perfect for relaxation after a long day’s work.Climb into their loft, a cozy bedroom space extended to fit a queen-sized bed.

Enjoy the thoughtful touches, like the large windows that provide airflow and a sense of openness, making it an ideal retreat. Discover the ingenious storage solutions throughout the house truck, from the kitchen to the living area. Learn how they’ve maximized every inch of the space, ensuring everything they own has its own spot.


Step outside to see their outdoor shower setup. Understand their commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle, from the shower design to the garden where they process water waste naturally. Explore their beautiful garden and outdoor living area. See how they’ve transformed the space into a green haven, perfect for growing vegetables and relaxing by the fire.