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Beautiful Off-Grid Tiny House On Wheels Tour


Right from the very beginning of our tiny house project, it was always important for us to be off-the-grid.

source/image(PrtSc): Living Big In A Tiny House

For us, going off-the-grid is all about creating synergy with the elements, lowering expenses, reducing our ecological footprint, working with the seasons and getting to geek-out over some seriously cool technology.

In this video, we give an overview of the off-the-grid systems which we have integrated into our tiny house on wheels including solar power, rainwater harvesting, grey-water, composting toilet and more.


Without a doubt, making the decision to go off-the-grid in our tiny house is one of the best things we have ever done. From reducing our cost of living, to opening up more options with future parking spots, going off-the-grid has helped to add freedom to our lives./Living Big In A Tiny House

VIALiving Big In A Tiny House
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