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Beautiful Train Caboose Inspired Tiny House At Portland Hotel

If your a fan of old fashioned railway trains and tiny houses, then this next home is sure to delight! Located right in the heart of Portland, Arthur is a 16′ (5m) train-caboose inspired tiny house that you can stay in as part of the Tiny Digs hotel.

image/text credit: Living Big In A Tiny House

Arthur is no ordinary B&B tiny house however, this is a tiny home that has been built with a tremendous amount of love. The Tiny Digs team have poured so much energy into the theme of this home, even including railway antiques in it’s construction to add character. This is a tiny house that railway fans around the world will truly love!

Tiny Digs hotel is providing a wonderful service, not only by giving tiny house enthusiasts the opportunity to try living tiny and get lots of design ideas from their tiny homes, but also by working as local advocates in the Portland tiny house movement by helping to showcase a model of tiny house community living.


Located at the Tiny Digs Hotel in the heart of Portland, Oregon. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to stay in tiny homes of all different shapes and sizes in order to test out downsized living and get ideas for their own homes.