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BicyLift, Solution For Green Urban Logistics

BicyLift provides an alternative to the tail lift and pallet jack combination for single pallet delivery flows to recipients in dense urban zones. Combining the features of a handling tool and delivery vehicle, BicyLift is a solution that is particularly well suited to last mile logistics.

image/text credit: fleximodal

It is already used in several French cities by companies specialising in low carbon last mile logistics, who sub-contract from major order placers such as DB Schenker, Dachser, STG, etc.The BicyLift is designed to work with standard-sized Euro pallets measuring 120 x 80 cm, as well as with an “urban container,” and it essentially combines a pallet jack (or forklift) and a delivery vehicle into a single conveyance.

The device can be attached to or removed from a bicycle “with a single movement, using a single hand,” and the 3-position drawbar allows the BicyLift to be adjusted to pull behind a bike, moved by hand, or parked.


The flexibility of BicyLift means it can be used equally well attached to a bike and manually as a pallet jack, to get as close as possible to the delivery point.You can also deliver from an urban logistics area to a shopping centre without transloading or any need for an additional handling tool.