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Big Collection Of Ancient Figurines:Evidence of Dinosaurs Living Among Us!

The majority of the people who study prehistorical human society and natural history in the prehistoric period agree that there was no point in history when homo sapiens and dinosaurs co-existed.


image credit:  The Greater Picture 

Despite this overwhelming consensus, claims that human beings and dinosaurs once walked the same plains sporadically appear in the prehistoric literature. The Acámbaro figures are some of the most important artifacts regarding this debate.



image credit:  The Greater Picture 

In 1944, a German shopkeeper named Valdemar Julsrud claimed to have simply stumbled across the figures while riding his horse near Acámbaro in Guanajuato, Mexico. He claimed to have recovered 30,000 of the mysterious figures and was deeply interested to find out about their providence.


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The figurines sparked controversy and excitement all over the world as they clearly depicted human beings and dinosaurs living with one another. Some of the figurines also attracted attention as they resembled alien humanoids and even alien space crafts.


 UFO researchers suggested that the figures had been left behind on Earth by inter-dimensional aliens who had traveled back to the age of the dinosaurs and created images of the beasts to educate people on Earth about their planet’s history.


Finally, young earth creationists found the figures very exciting as they appeared to confirm their belief that dinosaurs and human beings must have existed at the same time to fit in with their time-frame of the version of creation described in Genesis.


image credit: CC BY SA 3.0

Local historians pointed out that there were no dinosaur fossils to speak of in the near vicinity of the place where the figures had been found and there were no accounts – neither written or in oral tradition – that referred to creatures who could reasonably be assumed to resemble dinosaurs. This line of argument suggested that the figures were either a hoax or that they had been created somewhere else and moved to Mexico.