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Big RC 1:2,5 Scale Bae Tomhawk Turbine Powered Airplane

The BAE Hawk is a light British jet trainer and was designed as a combat aircraft for close air support. The first flight took place in 1974 under the name Hawker Siddeley HS 1182.

source/image(PrtSc): DIGITAL RC

The Hawk is still produced by BAE Systems.It is well known throughout the world for its spectacular displays performed by the British aerobatics team “Red Arrows”.//video by: DIGITAL RC

This RC Scale 1:2,5 Bae Hawk is manufactured in modern GRPsandwich-vacuum technology, it has a wing span of 3.80m, a length of a 4.9m. The airplane is powered by a JetCat P550 PR turbine engine, the take-off Weight of the airplane is 80 kg. The pilot of this airplane is Marc Petrak.


This single shaft Turbine is equiped with a radial compressor ,diffusor , combution chamber , turbine and Exhaust nose. The body of the airplane is made from fiberglass, the airplane has Scale landing gear, scale cockpit, tailpipe, GRP tank and many more optional available.

  • Model: XXXL Bae Hawk (Tomahawk Aviation)
  • Pilot: Marc Petrak
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Wing Span: 3,80 m
  • Lenght: 4,90 m
  • Scale: 1:2,5
  • Turbine: JetCat P550 PR
  • Location: Jet Power 2019, Germany