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Big RC Airbus Eurocopter X3 Turbine Electric Hybrid Helicopter

This giant RC model  Airbus Helicopter Eurocopter X3 is a scale of 1:4,5 with a rotor diameter of 2.5m and a length of a 2.5m it weights 35gk. It is a hybrid powered with Jakadofsky Pro 6000 turbine + 2x electric Turboprop.

source/image(PrtSc): DIGITAL RC

It is a hybrid, much like its real-life counterpart, but not just because it has horizontal thrusters in place tail rotor.This RC model’s thrusters are turboprops driven separately by two Plettenberg 3.6 KW motors.video by: DIGITAL RC

The 5-blade rotor is powered by a Jakadofsky Pro 6000, capable of 6.0 KW.This extremely built machine takes RC technology to the extreme.It designed using the original 3-D data from Airbus Helicopters thus ensuring perfect proportions.


The Airbus Eurocopter X3 is based on the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin helicopter, with the addition of short span wings each fitted with a tractor propeller, having different pitch to counter the torque effect of the main rotor.

  • Model: Airbus Helicopter Eurocopter X3 (Alterbaum Premium Helicopter)
  • Pilot: Bernd Pöting
  • Scale: 1:4,5
  • Rotor diameter: 2,5 m
  • Length: 2,50 m
  • Take-off weight: 35 kg
  • Engine: Jakadofsky Pro 6000 turbine + 2x Turboprop (electrical)
  • Location: Jet Power 2018, Genderkingen/Donauwörth, Germany