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BIG RC Bell 412 Scale Model Turbine Powered Helicopter

Bell 412 is a popular American helicopter, which is used mainly by police, military and rescue services. It is a development of the Bell 212, with the major difference being the composite four-blade main rotor.

sourcr/image(PrtSc): RC MEDIA WORLD

Tis RC model is controlled by a 3-channel radio remote control, which is powered by four AA batteries, which are not included in the package. Of course, there is a gyroscope, which ensures maximum stabilization of outdoor flight. video by: RC MEDIA WORLD

The Rotor diameter of this RC Bell 412 is2.00 m powered by a turbine engine with a take off weight app. 20kg.(No info displayed about the engine).The benefit of a gasoline helicopter is a robust, easy-to-use engine for long flight times. The fuel is available at every petrol station 2-stroke mix.


This RC Bell 412 is equipped with a 4-blade rotor and therefore has a better performance with less vibration and lower noise level, it really impresses with the highly detailed and accurately scaled down profile.