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Big RC MB 339 Aermacchi Turbine Jet Model Airplane

The Aermacchi was designed as a jet trainer and still used for multi aircraft air show displays.The MB-339 was developed during the 1970s in response to an Italian Air Force.

source/image(PrtSc): DIGITAL RC

This Giant RC Aermacchi MB-339 is constructed of extremely light and strong composite materials, it has a lenght of 4.40m and a wingspan of 4.6m, and is powered by two Jet Italia Athom 270 jet engines, this model also includes LED Navigation lights installed.video by: DIGITAL RC

It has heavy duty electric retract with suspension and beautiful wheels with electric brakes.


The MB-339 possesses a low, un-swept wing complete with tip tanks, the air intakes for the single turbojet engines is located within the wing roots.

Some specifications: 

  • Model: Aermacchi MB-339 by JR 28
  • Pilot: Daniel Socionovi
  • Wing span / Spannweite: 4,55 m
  • Length / Länge: 4,40 m
  • Weight / Abfluggewicht: 67,00 kg
  • Event: Horizon Airmeet 2019, Genderkingen / Donauwörth, Germany