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Bike Umbrella Rain Protection Device For Cyclists


Riding a bicycle in the rain can be hardly called comfortable. Using rainwear has the issue of sweating, even after a short period of cycling. Same with rain capes, also with the risk of tangling up the fabric with the handlebar. And what to do with the wet cloth when you finally arrive at your destination? To summarize: There is no satisfying solution for cycling on rainy days.

source/image(PrtSc): exergiaDOTde

Under-Cover Bike Umbrellas are shaped like elongated umbrellas that can be attached to the front of your bicycle. It covers a major portion of the bike and protects both you and your sweet ride from getting wet.

A tilted umbrella starting from the front of the bike, extended over the cyclist’s shoulders and until the back. An opening for your head, combined with a hood and a holder connected to the bike’s frame for easy and quick stabilization of the umbrella?


This is the basic idea of our new under-cover system. The device is foldable in similar fashion to a regular umbrella and comes with a telescopic mechanism, so the closed umbrella can be stored nicely on your bike’s frame.

VIA exergiaDOTde
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