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Black Bear Attacks White Siberian Husky

Snowy, the white Siberian Husky in this video was diagnosed in December 2017 with bladder cancer and has a projected life of six months. We enjoy each and every day we have with him and will really miss him.This video was made July 5th 2017 while we were camping in Alaska.

text/image video screenshot: Tom Henderson

The location, Family campground at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. Siberian Husky is outside camper on steel tether when a mother black bear with 3 cubs wanders into the campsite.via(Tom Henderson).

The husky appears in frame a few seconds later, showing it was unharmed by the encounter.the dog was not injured and did not require veterinary care.


What the Husky did to defend himself and the camper and what the dog’s owner did from the door of camper cause the angry bear to reconsider. Days later a bear matching this description enters a nearby residence on base and leaves no option but to be put down.