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Blade Runner 2049 – The Making Of The Film’s Impressive Miniature Sets Used In The Movie

Weta Workshop was honoured to contribute practical miniatures, selected cinematography, and concept design work to Blade Runner 2049, directed by Denis Villeneuve.This was a passion project for our crew, who are huge fans of Ridley Scott’s iconic 1982 original.

image credit: demilked

Here in Wellington, NZ, we hand-made enormous miniature sets which were then filmed by legendary cinematographer Alex Funke. In the Design Studio, our team of conceptual designers helped give shape to the director’s vision.

image credit: demilked

“They’re really bigatures – they’re not miniatures. They’re massive buildings,” Pamela Harvey-White, the on-set production manager, laughed when talking about the creations they’ve made.


And no one would dare to say otherwise when looking at the footage of 14.8 feet (4.5 meters) high the L.A.P.D building, the pyramid-shaped Wallace Towers that could only be lifted by crane, and the Trash Mesa that nearly filled the whole floor of the studio. “They’re just stellar pieces of art,” she states with pride.

These ‘bigatures’ are, indeed, something to be proud of. We recommend you take a look at the video below to see the amazing process of creating something so grand and beautiful that left the audiences in a complete awe.