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BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY Electric Bicycle Concept


Electric drive, high individuality and unique design. The new BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY is our idea of adaptive mobility.Because in the future, you will use exactly the routes you want to – with one and the same vehicle.

source/image(PrtSc): BMW Motorrad

The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY has a range of approximately 68 miles for exactly this reason. Technology and design are opening up entirely new possibilities. This 144 lb light vehicle is, at first glance, representative of the constant back-and-forth between pedelec and motorcycle, a combination of typical motorcycle elements and typical bicycle elements.

the BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY uses geofencing technology and HERE Maps to detect where you are and automatically chooses between three speed levels: from max. 15 mph to max. 28 mph, up to max. 37 mph.


The Vision AMBY app knows your personal profile: keys, vehicle searches – even theft protection and immobilizers are possible. And all this on your smartphoneUrban bike? Enduro? It’s not about categories. It’s about considering mobility in an entirely new and flexible way.Vision AMBY is not a production series model and not available for sale./source