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BMW R35 1939 350cc One Cylinder


This well running motorcycle is equipped with a complete Bosch electrics and a Veigel speedo. It´s in great condition.BMW made a host of successful shaft-driven, single-cylinder motorcycles. Starting with the first model, the 250cc 1925 R39, there came the R2 series, the R35, the R20, the R24, R25 series, the R26, and the final model, the R27. All except for the R2, R4, and R35 were 250cc models. After World War II, BMW no longer made R35 motorcycles. “Eisenacher Motorenwerk” (EMW) was an East German manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles based in Eisenach, then East Germany.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

It made R35s essentially identical to the pre-war BMW R35. One of the pre-World-War-II BMW factories was located in Eisenach, which after the war was taken over by the Soviets as it was located in the Soviet occupation zone. The factory continued producing cars and motorcycles using the BMW logo, but after a lawsuit in 1952 it had to change the name to EMW instead.

The EMW logo was also similar, but instead of the blue BMW used, EMW used red. After the R3 with its 300cc engine had enjoyed very little commercial success, BMW introduced a new single-cylinder model in 1937, the R35. Its engine was derived from the 400cc R4, but by reducing the bore the displacement was decreased to 350cc. The R35 also developed 14 horsepower and like the R4 had a top speed of 100km/h.


The suspension had in the meantime been modernized. The frame was still made from massive-looking pressed steel sections but the antiquated leaf spring at the front was now replaced by a modern telescopic fork. In contrast to the exclusive “Boxer” models, however, there was no hydraulic damping. By the close of production, the R35 was the most successful model in BMW’s motorcycle history and when you see the bikes today, it’s easy to understand where the appeal lies