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BMW’s Active Steering System More Agility And Stability

A new, flowing driving feeling. More agility and stability in every situation. Rear wheels that help to turn up to a maximum of 2.5° degrees – a small movement with large effects.In tight bends or when parking a car, Integral Active Steering makes maneuvering easier. Under 30 mph, the front and rear wheels steer in opposing directions to reduce the turning circle and ensure every bend is taken with direct precision.

source/image: DPCcars

The BMW active steering system utilises a double planetary gear system located at the base of the steering column to facilitate driver independent steering of the front wheels. The system is intended to offer two principal benefits; a variable steering ratio and stability enhancing corrective steering actions.

The double planetary gear system incorporates an input sun gear connected to the driver’s steering wheel, two planetary gears, an output sun gear connected to the steering pinion, and a rotating housing. If the housing is held still, the driver’s steer inputs are translated from the input sun gear, through the planetary gears (sharing a common lay shaft) to the output sun gear with a net 1:1 ratio.


Above 50 mph the front and rear wheels turn in the same direction to ensure an extremely comfortable and superior response on the road when changing lanes.With Integral Active Steering, the driver and passengers in the BMW 5 Series Sedan experience a relaxed journey with increased comfort. Fast, flowing changes in direction, sharp bends, simple parking – enjoy steering that actively supports your driving pleasure.