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Body Language – How Your Sitting Position Reveals About Your Personality

Body language is a hugely important facet of how humans read each other on a daily basis. Poor body language will put someone off faster than if they had outright said nasty words or insults to you.

It’s something everyone picks up on, even if they do so unconsciously.So, it makes sense that our seated postures also reveal a lot about who we are or what we’re thinking about.

Here are what the different seated positions say about an individual’s personality:

Position A

This seated position describes a person who is creative, charismatic and somewhat childish. They often speak before thinking about what they are saying, but are also just happy people in general. They tend to be some of the least boring people you’ll ever meet, but they also have a tendency to avoid the problems in their life.

Position B

These folks tend to be the dreamers of the world. They have creative, often strange ideas that cause people to think in different ways. Their imaginations are incredibly powerful. These people are often restless when they stay in one place for too long, but this applies to everything in their life, partners and jobs included. They’re incredibly friendly though and always have an abundance of friends.

Position C

Folks who sit in this position have difficulties concentrating on things they need to concentrate on because of the apparent chaos that seems to envelope the different aspects of their life. But, while it looks like chaos to people on the outside, they thrive in their mess. They’re creatures of comfort, choosing function over fashion, and are very picky when it comes to their clothes.


Position D

People who sit like this tend to be intelligent, yet sensitive. They’d rather avoid conflict while harboring bad feelings than open up things to an all out war. If your legs connect while in this position, it shows openness, directness and neatness. If your feet are up on their heels, it means you’re open to conflict.

This seated position often reveals a person who likes to hide in their securities, but who also isn’t afraid to come out and attack if someone hints that they’ve done something wrong.

Position E

This type of seated position describes a person who believes everything has its time and place. They’re the folks who want to establish their career and education before moving onto anything else. Their goals are set high and they are very consistent when striving to achieve them. They like to dress nicely, thinking that appearances are held in high regard–perhaps a result of their secret insecurities. They will put forth that they don’t mind criticism, but will often object to it when actually faced with it.