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Bonsai Tiny House Spectacular Design In An Ultra Small Home


In this weeks episode we visit an inspiring, ultra compact tiny home in France which is absolutely packed full of amazing design ideas. Within the world of architecture, nothing encourages innovation and ingenuity like limited area and this tiny house is a brilliant example of just how much function can be fit into a small space!

source.image: Living Big In A Tiny House

The home also boasts some really neat features such as bike storage and even a climbing wall! The toilet is a standard size flush toilet but you can also add an option compost toilet.

The sleeping area has multiple options. Use a futon and pull it down at night. Use a daybed or a trundle bed. The table/desk area spans the entire front of the home and is perfect for getting work done or having a meal.


The kitchen is the heart of their home, boasting ample space for cooking and baking. It’s unique with a large sink, an induction stovetop, and a surprising amount of storage. With custom-built furniture and a focus on utility, they’ve created a cozy area that meets all their needs. The wood-burning stove adds warmth and ambiance, making it the perfect spot for chilly evenings.