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Boulder EV Teardrop Trailer For EV With A Giant Battery Backup


The Boulder™ is our teardrop camper trailer built specifically for owners of Electric Vehicles. There is now backup power for your electric vehicle. The Boulder™ has a bank of EV batteries built into the trailer frame that enables you to recharge your EV’s batteries to return your electric vehicle to its pre-towing range – or better.

source/image(PrtSc): Colorado Teardrops

Our trailers are inspired by Colorado’s terrain and ever changing weather conditions – where heat, rain, snow and ice, can all be encountered on the same day, all year round.

The Boulder features a fully insulated cabin with a seating arrangement that easily converts to a queen-size bed, 2 bunk beds for the rest of the family, and storage for your favorite gear.


The Boulder’s cabin provides lots of light thanks to it’s large galaxy-gazer window and gull-wing doors. The galley is as large as our Mount Massive model, with room for a couple Yeti coolers, water, stove, and storage for food to feed the whole gang, so that you can stay out for multi-day adventures.

Towing with an electric vehicle (EV) reduces the range of any EV. Colorado Teardrops offers the first EV Adventure Trailer with a bank of batteries to recharge your EV.

The Boulder™ enables your EV to achieve its original non-towing range – or better.  Now, when towing deep into the woods to share Mother Nature’s Joy – know that you can get back out./Colorado Teardrops

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