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Box Truck Converted into Sustainable Mobile Greenhouse

Justin and a friend built a mobile greenhouse. Justin travel’s the country and teaches at risk youth about sustainable farming techniques.Compass Green is a school garden on wheels.It is a fully functional greenhouse built in the back of an 18ft. box truck that grows vegetables, grains, and herbs and is powered by waste vegetable oil.

image credit: Dylan Magaster 

We teach practical farming tools and raise awareness on sustainability through presentations, workshops, and greenhouse tours at schools, and events across the country.

image credit: Dylan Magaster 

We feel that everyone, regardless of demographic and age should have access to sustainability education and delicious healthy food.

image credit: Dylan Magaster 

Our curriculum is focused on Bio-intensive methods of sustainable farming—producing the maximum yields with the minimum amount of resources.


With an ever-increasing population and an alarming decrease in farmable soil, we feel it is important to share practical solutions to turn our situation of agricultural scarcity into one of abundance.

Compass Green inspires people across the country to be creative and utilize any and all space they can to grow food. Founded in 2011, Compass Green has taught over 38,000 students and catalyzed numerous school gardens.