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Brazilian Military Police Shows How to Get Out of an Extremely Tight Parking Space!


In an amusing instructional video, a Brazilian military police officer shows exactly what to do when they find themselves boxed in by parked cars and need to get away in an emergency.

source: laughingsquid/image: irisirs

With cones boxing in their vehicle, the officer seemingly pulls the emergency hand brake, turns the wheel to the left, revs the engine, and the releases the e-brake to escape the extremely tight parking space.

As he revs his car loudly, the back wheels barely move and the front wheels spin out of the left, narrowly missing the cones.All you need to do is place the front wheels on full lock to the way you want to go and apply the handbrake.


You’ll then need to apply enough revs – probably around 3,000 or 4,000rpm – that will create wheelspin when you set off.With the car revving, you’ll want to find the bite point of the clutch so the car is straining at the leash.Dip the clutch just below the bite and then suddenly fully release it with the car still revving.

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