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Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels

It’s possible that this is one of the smallest homes that we have visited on the show so far and yet without doubt it is one of the most spectacular in it’s design.

image/text credit: Living Big In A Tiny House 

Japan is a country already world-famous for it’s small space designs, and so it should come as no surprise that when Japanese master-craftsman Tagami Haruhiko turned his attention towards the tiny house movement, amazing things would happen.

Another cool feature which you’ll get to see more of below is that the structure can be separated from the trailer chassis so you can leave it parked on camp, at the garden, etc. while getting to use the trailer for something else if you wanted.


And with features like an adjustable roof, a concealed refrigerator and even a built-in fireplace, it’s a place that we wouldn’t mind living in too!