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Broken Old Black And Decker Drill Restoration

I found this Old cord drill Black and Decker at flea market, it cost me 10€ , is made in England year 1980 , the model is DNJ 52 H30.

source/image(PrtSc): TysyTube Restoration

Because the plastic was so scratched i didn’t manage to save it and make only a clear coat because was so many black spots so i decidet to make orange like the lantern from my old video.

Inside the dril the 2 brushed carbon was missing ,may be someone tried to make it work but didn’t managed so it let like that the poor drill. For me was so entertainig to restore this old drill with so many parts.


My friend who make my the electrolysis machine give me the brush carbon for drill, for the metal part i prefered to let the metal expose, look much better like that, and because is aluminium will not rust. Now the drill work like brand new, i think is very happy :)).iI hope you enjoy my video and thank you for watching!//via: TysyTube Restoration