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Browse Germany’s ‘Parthenon’ of Banned Books

In Kassel, Germany, at the very site where Nazis once burned over 2,000 books by Jewish and Marxist writers, one artist has built a colossal tribute to free speech. The “Parthenon of Books” is a giant temporary replica of the famous Greek temple in Athens.

image/text credit: Great Big Story

The installation is covered by more than 100,000 books that have been banned at various stages throughout history. Created by Argentine artist Marta Minujín, the exhibit is meant to spark debate over censorship in literature.

The installation has been constructed with the same dimensions of the real-life Parthenon in Athens, at the site where German Nazis burned books by Jewish or Marxist writers in 1933. The former temple was constructed in 447 BC on the hill of the Acropolis.


The temporary exhibition will run through September 17, 2017. When it ends, the books will be taken down and recirculated around the world.Once the exhibition is over, these books will be handed out to allow the banned to enter literary circulation once more.