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BSA B32 Competition Trials 1950 350cc


This rigid BSA is in great shape. The restorer has done his job well. BSA’s rugged, workaday B31 was manufactured from 1945 to the end of 1959, its overhead-valve engine providing the basis for the renowned Gold Star sports roadster.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

At the time of its introduction, the B31 was BSA’s sole all-new model, joining the lightweight ‘C’ and heavyweight ‘M’ ranges carried over from pre-war days, and was produced initially with rigid frame and telescopic front fork.

In January 1946 it was joined by a Competition variant, the B32, which boasted a high-level exhaust system, 21″ front wheel, additional chromium plating, a crankcase shield and lowered gearing.


An alloy cylinder barrel and head, broadly similar to those used on the contemporary Gold Star but retaining a separate pushrod tunnel, became available as B32 options from 1949 onwards, as did plunger rear suspension in common with the rest of the ‘B’ singles range.