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Budget Friendly DIY Bus Camper Build


Welcome aboard the “Lady Lavender” – a creative oasis on wheels, crafted by the talented and frugal artist, Alexa!Dive into this unique tiny home on a bus, transformed by Alexa with a focus on economical and recycled materials. Discover how a string from a pair of pajamas becomes a handy tool for hanging essentials, and how reclaimed wood breathes new life into her living space.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

In the kitchen, marvel at a thrift store find turned into a sink and range station, exuding a white, roughed-up aesthetic that Alexa adores. The sink, a gift from her grandfather, holds sentimental value, being sourced from a 1974 Volkswagen camper van. Alexa’s frugality shines through in her choices, from the economical Amazon faucet to the practical hot plate, ensuring her culinary space is both charming and functional.

Embrace simplicity in power and water systems, with the bus running on 120 volts and hooked to shore power like an RV. The gray water holding tank underneath the bus exemplifies efficient tiny living. Explore the open-concept living area, featuring a multi-purpose bed, an upcycled dresser from Alexa’s parents, and a desk art area crafted from pine from her parents’ property. The bus’s rustic charm is enhanced by tongue and groove wood from an old barn, used for the outdoor door and complemented by a basic composting toilet.


Alexa’s passion for reading and art is evident in her mini library and cozy bathtub area. The DIY rhombus cube tile design in the bath, using recycled tiles from her granny’s bathroom, showcases her artistic flair and resourcefulness. Driven by her dream of an art studio on wheels, Alexa shares her journey from finding the bus on Craigslist to transforming it with her dad’s help. With a total conversion cost of around $7,700, including the bus purchase, her story is an inspiring example of pursuing dreams on a budget.