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Build Your Own RGB “Floating Island” Crystal Tower Light

In this video we’ll be making a stunning ‘floating island’ crystal tower light. On top of looking plain awesome, it is designed with RGB LEDs in mind, meaning it can be illuminated with literally any colour combination you choose. Trust me – this video is worth a watch in full.

The beauty is in the details. The light is focused on a hand-poured, textured artisanal glass creating a unique glowing aura of light.A floating island of crystal tower provides the visual aesthetics for this distinctive pendant. The crystal rises from an LED light guide and pierces through to emerge below, reflecting and refracting light in a vibrant sparkle.

Make your room sparkle with this brilliant Crystal Tower floor lamp. This dimmable lamp is like jewelry for your home, adding elegance and refinement. Add a splash of sophistication and art deco ambiance to any bedroom, entryway or living room with this gorgeous lamp.


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