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Build Your Own Stylish Teardrop Trailer Camper

A “teardrop” trailer is a small camper. The name comes from the streamlined shape, and the type dates back at least to the 1930’s.


source/image: Chesapeake Light Craft

Build your own Teardrop Camper! From the company that has shipped 30,000 boat kits comes an elegant, compact, and easy-to-build camper light enough to tow behind a Mini Cooper. The camper in the video already has 15,000 miles on it.


source/image: Chesapeake Light Craft

As cars get smaller, storage space more expensive, and recreational time more precious, a new appreciation is growing for the efficiency of really good teardrop campers.


source/image: Chesapeake Light Craft

A fan of small boats, small cars, and small houses, designer John C. Harris found the concept of a teardrop camper irresistible.


In addition to providing sleeping space for people, this teardrop camper design is also capable of carrying bikes, boats, or other gear on its roof with the addition of a rack.

And because this feature was “designed in from the start,” the roof has been engineered to handle a load of up to 150 pounds.