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Building a Working Miniature Apple II Replica!

Game developer Chris Larkin found the perfect project for the $9 CHIP computer: turning it into a mini Apple II replica that emulates the classic computer. We chat with Chris about his open-source design and work with him to build one of these computers for the office!

image/text credit: Tested 

Jeremy Williams of Tested met up with video game engineer Chris Larkin of Other Ocean to chat with and learn how he builds working miniature Apple II replicas that emulate the classic 8-bit home computer.

This Apple IIe mini is completely self contained and has a battery life of about 10 hours give or take. I haven’t actually tested it, so I’m guessing based on the stated life of the battery and the amount of currrent draw observed during testing.


The C.H.I.P. can use 3.3V to 5V power, however the LCD TFT screen requires 6V to 12V. I solved this by using a 12V drone/RC battery and passed it through a cheap 5V buck converter to power the C.H.I.P. I created a very simple PCB to accomplish this. You do not need the PCB to complete this build, I created one just to keep things a bit tidy.