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Building an Electric Monowheel From Scratch


Even if, previously, we have made a monowheel with an internal combustion engine, which offered us great and fun times, we thought that may be we should also add in our collection its electrical version. Firstly, we started our creation by making a metallic wheel with 145cm diameter which was lined with tire. Since, there is no such a tire having these dimensions, we cut three wheels of the motorbike with 2.50-17 dimensions each and we connected all of them creating a tire.

source.image: Make it Extreme

Afterwards, we made the chassis, which has three rollers perimetrically with black plastic material, on which the wheel is spinning. Therefore, the wheel derives movement from 2 motors that are connected on a tire from a go-kart in order to achieve good traction during the transmission of the movement to the big wheel as the tires taken from go-karts are made in such a way not to slip.

The second reason that we did this is to achieve a greater, final speed as we use a wheel of a double diameter by a motor. Regarding the motion of the motors, we used two controllers which are connected with a throttle in order to be rotated simultaneously.


The sense we get driving this vehicle is really amazing, although it is dangerous during driving it still gives us an incredible experience. The explosive torque of the electromotion makes this monowheel to differ from the previous one. Also, it makes us want to make even more monowheels to improve even more its driving behaviour. Lastly, even if this construction has been existed since 1890, it still needs a lot of improvement.