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Building Miniature Classic Cars From Old Fridges


Ernie Adams, of Maricopa, Arizona, has been creating his incredible scaled-down replicas of full-size cars since 1965, starting with his version of a 1928 Chevy two-door sedan.

source.image: Barcroft Cars

Adams calls them dwarf cars, and he even has a whole museum dedicated to his creations because there are just so damn many of them. His first machine was a replica of a 1928 Chevy two-door sedan made out of nine refrigerators. CLASSIC cars have been reenvisioned as miniature versions and collected in a ‘dwarf car’ museum.

The original car, known as ‘Grandpa Dwarf’, was made out of nine old refrigerators and is still running today. Since then, Ernie, now in his late-70s, has made hundreds of 11/16th scale dwarf cars, from racers to cruisers – all fully drivable and road-legal.


One of the gems of his collection is his take on the 1949 Mercury two-door coupe, which he built entirely from scratch using flat sheet metal. These miniature creations still display an incredible amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail, and they can still be admired in all their glory without purchasing one.