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Building The Ultimate Model – Realistic Scenery

After watching this tutorial YOU will be able to make amazing and very realistic scenery starting from scratch. It can seem daunting at first but if you just take it one step at a time you’ll have your first master piece before you know it.

image/text credit: Luke Towan

The techniques used in this video are easily applied to a whole range of scales and can be used whether you build model railways, war game terrain, doll houses, model architecture and just about any other type of model making you can think of!

image/text credit: Luke Towan

Follow along as I step you through a thorough how to style video on making this scene, from a piece of extruded foam to a photo real scene complete with cracked mud, dirt road, an outcropping of rocks, trees and realistic ground cover.


Take your model railroad, war gaming terrain or dioramas for displaying your favorite models to the next level. This video demonstrates a small diorama built in HO scale and will show you some new innovative techniques for making your model railroad scenery look real. Real enough to make someone look twice at a photo you took!

A lot of modelers see scenes like this and think they will never achieve this level of realism, however, as you will see making a realistic scene like this is nothing more than a few steps and the layering of scenery which eventually builds up into a great looking diorama.