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Bumblebee House, A Special Tiny House On Wheels

The philosophy of living a tiny life style is that of simplicity and convenience. And especially if it’s on wheels, it gives you the freedom to take your home wherever you want or need it. Know what is necessary, use it fully.

image/text credit: Tiny House Listings

The Bumblebee Tiny House, built by TinyWunderhouse in Romania has an old world appeal on the exterior with lovely custom woodwork and lots of room and storage space on the interior.

It is 6 meters long + 0.8 meters porch built on a custom made 3.5 t trailer with 3 axles.The tiny lifestyle can be suitable for singles, young people, students, families or older people and everything in between.


Also the use of a tiny house can be versatile: permanent residence, a home, your office or your guesthouse, or whatever form of shelter you have in mind – here are no limits to your imagination.