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Bush Winch Light Weight Vehicle Self-Recovery System


The Bush Winch light weight vehicle recovery system has a range of advantages.The self-recovery system was created in the great Australian outback and can sustain almost any kind of terrain.

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The Bush Winch uses the vehicle’s own undiminished engine power to winch from the wheels without the need for vehicle modifications.Suitable for use in sand, mud or ice – The Bush Winch can handle anything you throw at it!

The Bush Winch can be shared over a large range of 2WD, 4WD and AWD vehicles . The winch ropes, soft shackles, anchors and bridle, all part of the self recovery system, have multiple uses without extra weight or room taken for all your outdoor requirements.


The Bush Winch is intuitive and easy to use. Attach the winch drums to the wheel rims with a click and turn action and attach the winch ropes to the anchor points. Drive yourself out of the trouble with control from the driver’s seat.The vehicle’s own continuous engine power provides unsurpassed winching capacity. Winching from two wheels at low axle level in unison with wheel rotation is a superior faster recovery solution.via/read more: bushwinch

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