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C30 Pickup Camper Combo ULTIMATE Race Camper


While we have no idea what this BEAUTIFUL C30 Pickup/Camper combo is capable of, that doesn’t discredit the cool factor of being able to say your camper has a 4 speed manual transmission and more horsepower than many cars on the road today!.

source/image: 1320video

We found this exemplary camper resto-mod hiding out in corner booth at the SEMA Show 2018 in Las Vegas, tucked away so tightly that we almost missed it! Watch the video from 1320video for more info:

The crew over at Creative Mobile Interiors really laid it all out on the table with this build and their IMPECCABLE attention to detail as there wasn’t one part of this truck that didn’t impress us!


Luckily for someone who’s interested, this hot build is for sale at a cool $250,000. This is a perfect compromise for someone trying to decide between a House or a Lambo!